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    This teacher resource lists selected articles from the Connected and School Journal reading series that support science concepts when teaching about climate change.

    Connected and School Journal titles and synopses for the topic climate change

    Science Learning Hub resources supported by the titles

    How big is your footprint? by Norman Bilbrough

    School Journal Part 3 Number 1 2011

    An article about climate change in the 21st century (includes teacher support material).

    Fuels and greenhouse gases video

    Climate action

    The Great Barrier Reef: See It While You Can! by Sarah Wilcox

    School Journal Level 4 2013

    This article explores rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and the effect on the world's oceans and coral reefs.

    The ocean, CO2 and climate change – timeline

    Ocean dissolved gases

    The Big Chill and the Big Drill by Rupert Alchin

    Connected Level 1 and 2 2008

    ANDRILL scientists drill into the Antarctic seabed to learn about Antarctica’s climate and how it has changed from ancient times.

    Clues to the past

    The ANDRILL operation video

    Antarctica and global climate change

    Activity idea

    Making a core sample

    59.5 Degrees South by Sarah Wilcox

    School Journal Level 3 August 2013

    This article provides information on Argo floats –devices that measure ocean currents, temperature and salinity (includes teacher support material).

    Argo project

    Ocean salinity

    Ocean temperature

    Ocean motion

    Activity ideas

    Buoyancy in water

    Saline currents

      Published 3 May 2017 Referencing Hub articles