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The Science Learning Hub has many resources for primary teachers related to melting in the Material World strand of the New Zealand Curriculum. 

Melting is a concept that can easily be taught to young students. Check out our resources.

Unit plan: Observing Water

Observing water – Introductory article with links to media, articles and activities

Observing Water is intended to be enjoyable for teachers, too. The science articles provide clear explanations on the basics of matter, energy and changes of state.


Melting and freezing – Article

Magma on the move – Article

Disappearing glaciers – Article

Looking at water – solid, liquid or gas – Activity

Solid to liquid to gas– Activity

Alternative conceptions about water's states of matter – Article

Investigating sea water – Activity

Light a candle – Activity

Heat and change of state – Image

Chemistry made simple – properties of matter – PLD webinar

Content is very helpful and informative


SLH and the Material World – PLD webinar

    Published 1 July 2015 Referencing Hub articles