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The Science Learning Hub has many resources for primary teachers related to mixtures in the Material World strand of the New Zealand Curriculum.

Mixtures is another topic that is frequently explored by primary teachers. Making Non-Newtonian liquids such as ooblek and flubber is lots of fun. Think outside the square and make silage. See below for a list of links to Hub resources.

Chemicals everywhere – Article

Oobleck versus flubber – Article

Danger – quicksand! – Activity

Making model alloys – Activity

Strength of sand and cement mixes – Activity

Walking on custard – Teacher resource

The properties of honey – Activity

What is silage? – Article

Making your own silage – Activity

Science provides a really amazing way to make a difference and to add value to New Zealand.

Dr Susie Wood

    Published 1 July 2015 Referencing Hub articles