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  • In this session we join teachers from a range of schools as they share their experiences, successes and challenges designing and implementing their innovative science programmes.

    So great to hear about what teachers are doing in their classrooms


    In this webinar we aim to deepen your understanding of why and how teachers are making changes to their programmes in order to develop students’ scientific capabilities and support scientific literacy.

    You will also gain insight into the impact of these approaches and how to access support for incorporating these ideas into your own programme.

    Science capabilities in action

    This is an edited recording of the webinar Science capabilities in action.

    Lots of easy to adapt ideas I can use.


    Science capabilities in action – slideshow

    This slideshow, from the webinar Science capabilities in action, provides additional support for the video tutorial.

    You can download the video and slideshow presentation.


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    Introducing the Science Learning Hub









    What are the science capabilities



    Science capabilities resources



    Helen Moore – gathering data



    Meredith Wilson – representing data



    Roger Colquhoun – engaging in science



    SLH links, keep in touch and thanks



    Nature of science

    The science capabilities have been described as what the Nature of Science strand looks like in action. Learn more about the Nature of science in our topic and delve deeper in our Teacher PLD section.

    Related content

    In this recorded webinar, resources from the Science Learning Hub are highlighted to demonstrate how they might help develop students’ science capabilities as part of a wider science inquiry. In particular, the session offers questions that teachers might ask students to get them thinking and responding along the lines of the following capabilities: gather and interpret data, use evidence, critique evidence, interpret representations and engage with science.

    Other webinars include:

    The article Exploring enduring competencies with Kiwi Kai explains how to use an online learning tool to develop students’ competencies and capabilities.

    We've created a collection to support educators using the science capabilities. The collection includes activities suitable for ākonga in the primary years. Find out how to make the most out of collection tool in our Creating collections article.

    Useful links

    The presenters of this webinar have all participated in the Science Teaching Leadership Programme. Click here to learn more about this amazing opportunity.

    TKI has a wide range of information to support teaching the science capabilities. The site includes links to familiar resources such as the Connected journals.


    The Science Learning Hub would like to thank the Royal Society of New Zealand and Helen Moore, Meredith Wilson and Roger Colquhoun, participants of the Science Teaching Leadership Programme.

    Rights: Royal Society Te Apārangi

    Royal Society Te Apārangi

    Royal Society Te Apārangi is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation that supports New Zealanders to explore, discover and share knowledge.

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