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  • This online PD session recorded on 10 June 2015 shows teachers how they might use Science Learning Hub resources to develop the five science capabilities. The Ministry of Education has identified these five science capabilities as key to helping students develop a functional level of science understanding, that is, to have citizenship capabilities.

    Terrific – will look at this with younger students.


    This PLD session was based on the legacy Science Learning Hub however all the resources are still available on the new-look Science Learning Hub site.

    Resources from the Science Learning Hub are highlighted to demonstrate how they might help develop students’ science capabilities as part of a wider science inquiry. In particular, the session offers questions that teachers might ask students to get them thinking and responding along the lines of the following capabilities: gather and interpret data, use evidence, critique evidence, interpret representations and engage with science.

    Thank you for an informative session, nice and relaxed, with discussion here at school coming from this.


    See above to view the video of this professional development session (we recommend downloading the video) and also links below to download the:

    • PowerPoint presentation
    • index for the PowerPoint and video.

    Thanks, that was very comprehensive and great to be part of.


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    Read more about the science capabilities on the TKI website.

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