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    Published 1 March 2006 Referencing Hub media

    The development of a completely new farming system needs people with skills in a wide range of areas. Different companies are also involved, bringing together people with diverse interests and backgrounds. Jenny Jago and Rod Claycomb explain.


    Dr Jenny Jago (DairyNZ formerly Dexcel)

    We have a core group of people who are involved in the Greenfield Project. Because of the nature of the project, it’s the development of the farm system, we need people with skills in a number of areas: the technical person, the pharmacist person, the animal person, the reproduction person, the sensor person. But above all of that we need people who are really willing and wanting to take up a challenge. This is a big challenge, this project. We are trying to develop a completely new farming system which is really very different from anything that has gone on in New Zealand farms over the last 50 to 100 years. So we want people who are keen to look at developing the future. They are creative, they are innovative, and don’t mind having failures - You know, willing to give things a go and take their expertise and combine it with expertise of other people and have a really good team of people approaching this challenge, this issue we are trying to resolve.

    Dr Rod Claycomb (Sensortec)

    We’ve been involved in the Greenfield Project for here for about five years, actually since the start of the project. And I think we are Dexcel’s [DairyNZ] largest non-industry commercial partner through this project. It’s been a fantastic example so far of how the industry and government and private companies can come together for a common good and take things forward.