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    Position: CEO, Sensortec, Quantec Ltd. Field: Electrical engineering. 
    Rod loves the fact that his work is dynamic, innovative and helps dairy farmers. Because Sensortec is such a “cutting edge” industry, Rod does a lot of international travel.

    Sensortec specialises in developing electronic equipment to measure specific molecules in biological substances, for example to detect hormone levels or the presence of antibiotics in milk.

    We are kind of at the interface between biological sciences, and engineering...

    Rod’s role as CEO of this innovative company is diverse. He leads the Research and Development team, sets the overall direction of the company, and is also responsible for overseeing financial and marketing decisions. When Rod started with Sensortec it was a small company of five people. It has now expanded to sixteen.

    He enjoys the range of experiences that this gives him. He meets a huge range of people from diverse cultures and gets to see different perspectives of dairy farming from all over the world.

    Career Pathway

    Rod grew up in Pennsylvania, USA. As the son of a milking machine dealer, he had an early introduction to the use of automation on farms. Except for a short stint where he wanted to be a maths and physics teacher, Rod was always working towards a career in the dairy equipment industry.

    After high school, Rod did a degree in electrical engineering. He went on to do dairy-related post-graduated studies, where he learned to combine his knowledge of electronics with biological knowledge he picked up on the job. This work resulted in a PhD in Biological and Agricultural Engineering.

    Rod first came to New Zealand while still completing his studies. His work caught the attention of a New Zealand company, DEC International NZ Ltd, who asked him if he would be interested in moving here permanently.

    Find out more about Rob's innovative work for New Zealand farmers in this video below.

    Other Interests

    Church activities, singing, golf, squash, viticulture.


    At the beginning of 2007 Rob resigned from Sensortec to become the co-founder and chief executive officer of Quantec Ltd, a  company specialising in the development and commercialisation of high value naturally derived bioactives.

    This article is based on information current in 2007. 

      Published 14 November 2007 Referencing Hub articles