Environmental education promotes critical and creative thinking skills and inspires children to become more engaged with their communities.

One of the major issues that environmental education addresses is the loss of biodiversity. And what better way to inspire children to care for the environment, help them understand the meaning of biodiversity and to fuel their curiosity than to create a butterfly garden (or habitat).

The winner each term will receive a $200 Daltons Product Prize Pack for their garden to help everything grow.

The project is open to any kindergarten, school, or tertiary institute in New Zealand Aotearoa.

  • Term 1 Winner – Closing Date 1 June 2023 – school to be profiled in the Winter issue of the Butterflies magazine
  • Term 2 Winner – Closing Date 1 August 2023 – school to be profiled in the Spring issue of Butterflies
  • Term 3 Winner – Closing Date 1 November 2023 – school to be profiled in the Summer issue of Butterflies
  • Term 4 Winner – Closing Date 1 February 2024 – school to be profiled in the Autumn 2024 Butterflies
  • Extra last one – Closing Date 1 May 2024 – school to be profiled in the Winter 2024 Butterflies

New Zealand butterfly families – slideshow

Most of New Zealand's butterflies belong to the Nymphalidae and Lycaenidae families.

Use the Slideshow menu for further options, including view full screen, and go here for the download option.

For more information and to enter: www.nzbutterflies.org.nz/project/school-butterfly-habitat-award

A school butterfly garden or habitat can touch on all areas of the school curriculum: language, art, health and physical education, mathematics, science, technolgy, music and drama – it opens up a world of learning opportunities. Read more about this in this Education Gazette article.

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