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    Published 4 December 2013 Referencing Hub media

    Iain Hosie, Technical Director, Revolution Fibres, discusses his career path and working in the innovation sector. He describes himself as a businessman in a science space or an entrepreneur in an innovation space.


    Iain Hosie

    Science was something that I was good at and interested in. I did very practical science for many years and then progressed to policy work for the Scottish Government and the New Zealand Government on the management of various substances and genetically modified organisms and the like. And then I became part of the corporate world, selling science to salespeople, training and the like – getting a very good sense of the capitalist side of business where it’s not just ideas, it’s not just regulation, but we’re also in it to make money as well.

    And if you take all those components, I guess that’s turned me into a businessman in a science space or an entrepreneur in an innovation space. I think you need some entrepreneurial spirit to actually have that commercial goal in mind while you’re innovating.

    Revolution Fibres:
    Iain Hosie
    Simon Feasey, Albert McGhee, Hansol Cha, Cody McClure, Gareth Beckermann

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