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    Position: Technical Director, Owner, Founder, Field: Nanotechnology, nanomaterials, Organisation: Revolution Fibres.

    Key skills, attitudes and values for innovation

    Iain thinks innovators share these important attitudes:

    • Innovators don’t accept that things can’t be done.
    • Innovators are good at seeing hurdles as potential challenges.
    • Innovators are restless people – always trying to improve what they’ve got or to solve problems.

    Innovation is gradual and continual improvement. To me, innovation is almost like a restlessness to improve what you’ve got or solve problems.

    Background knowledge and experience

    Innovation draws on a range of people with diverse knowledge and expertise. Each person involved contributes a unique knowledge and skill set, which is determined by their particular educational background, the range of experiences they are involved in through their work as well as their life outside of work.

    The background knowledge and a varied work experience has contributed to Iain’s unique knowledge and skill set for his current role at Revolution Fibres, including:

    • BSc (Massey University)
    • working for the Scottish and New Zealand Governments in policy roles
    • working for HRV in sales, marketing and training roles.

    This article is based on information current in 2013.

      Published 5 December 2013 Referencing Hub articles