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  • Rights: Thin Ice/University of Waikato
    Published 29 July 2018 Referencing Hub media

    Climate science and climate change are controversial topics in the social and political world. Climate scientists and their research are often under attack. Geologist Simon Lamb explains why he decided to explore the science behind global climate change in the movie Thin Ice – The Inside Story of Climate Science.


    Simon Lamb

    My name is Simon Lamb. I’m a scientist. In fact, I’m a geologist.

    I’m also a keen amateur cameraman. [Introduces crew.]

    Lately, I’ve noticed something odd happening in the world of science. For the first time in my lifetime, scientists are under attack.

    Climate change sceptics

    It’s junk science, and it is part of a massive international scientific fraud.

    There is no scientific basis whatsoever.

    This is a fraud, and a scam and a hoax.

    This ridiculous nonsense that manmade CO2 is causing global warming.

    These extremists, these alarmists are always finding something wrong.

    Simon Lamb

    These extremists and alarmists are, of course, scientists studying the climate. Could these accusations be true? Were dishonest climate scientists bringing all of us into disrepute? As a scientist, I had to find out, so I decided to make a film about the scientists at the centre of all this controversy. It took me to the ends of the Earth and underneath it.

    So Mark, where are we now?


    We are in a tunnel in the Taylor Glacier in the Dry Valleys here in Antarctica.

    Simon Lamb

    I’ve looked into the future and travelled back in time. I’ve even been somewhere where time seemed to stand still.

    UN Framework Convention on Climate Change speaker

    We are highlighting in blue those issues that are in the mandate of the group.

    Simon Lamb

    Who are these climate scientists? What do they do? What are they saying? And do they know what they’re talking about? Are they searching for the truth? Or are they peddling a lie?


    This video is an extract from Thin Ice – The Inside Story of Climate Science, a David Sington/Simon Lamb film.

    The full documentary film is available by emailing The link for streaming is available free of charge. The DVD is also available to New Zealand schools for $20 to cover costs.

    © Thin Ice/University of Waikato

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