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    Published 28 April 2010 Referencing Hub media


    The process in getting the particular transgene we want depends on the transgene, so right now we are doing work for an external company, and they are providing us with that transgene. If its it’s a transgene that can't be provided by an external source we will then have that synthetically made ourselves, either in our lab or we will go to an external manufacturer.

    So if we are looking for a transgene that specifically expresses myelin or the casein we would ask for that gene and the variant that we are interested in.

    It would probably come within a vector with restriction enzyme sites on either side of it that we can just use restriction enzymes to cut it out, and in that process it would leave our gene of interest with what we call sticky ends on either side that it can then be easily glued back into a vector that we want to use.

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