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    Published 27 November 2007 Referencing Hub media

    Dr Vicky Webb explains, via video conferencing with students at Cobden School, how the team of scientists she works with are looking for new products that could be made from fish waste.

    Dr Vicky Webb (NIWA: What we tend to do is we take a little bit of the skin, or a little bit of the gills, or a piece of the liver of the fish, for example. We’ll take small pieces of those, and we test them to see if they have anything that is useful for the cosmetic trade to put in face creams. We’re really looking for several different things in face creams. One of those, of course, is something to give you protection from the sun, UV protection. So we’re specifically looking for things that help stop you from getting sunburnt. One of the other related things we’re looking for, I think, is to stop you from getting wrinkles.