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    COVID-19 has had such an impact on the way we live and work and indeed the way we teach. This article is to help you easily find resources we’ve created. They are organised into sections that are designed to meet various needs.

    For teachers, we’ve created:

    For parents and caregivers, we’ve created:

    Learning at home – ideas and resource links

    Science is about discovery, curiosity and observation. Each topic within the articles below includes wrap-around resources to help with background information for adults or caregivers.

    Grab and go resources

    These are downloadable worksheet-based resources in Word, allowing you to edit them to suit your students or use them just as they are. They cover literacy, maths and science. They are based on the Connected articles, which are available online through TKI, and some also have audio files with the stories.

    The two below feature Dr Hoare, one of New Zealand’s leading entomologists, and could also be used alongside TV episodes:

    The three below are stand-alone worksheets that do not require internet access. They do not use Connected articles as a starting point.

    Viruses, COVID-19 and our immune system

    Microscopic beasts and how to fight them – an online course created by Thorndon School's Deputy Principal, Matt Boucher – dip into lessons that grab your interest, or do them all!

    Home Learning TV episodes and supporting material

    Are your students watching Home Learning TV (TVNZ DUKE: Freeview channel 13, Sky and Vodafone TV channel 23) as part of your teaching and learning programme? Shawn Cooper is presenting the science and some of the integrated science and maths episodes. The science scripts, content and resources Shawn uses have been written by the Hub team. We have also created collections that contain the resources mentioned in the episodes, along with additional support.

    Below are the episodes currently featured on TVNZ OnDemand for catch-up viewing.

    Useful link

    Have a look for inspiration and ideas on our Learning science from home Pinterest board

      Published 24 April 2020, Updated 25 August 2020 Referencing Hub articles