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  • An inquiry approach is a method often used in science education. The question bank provides an initial list of questions about good and the bad of ultraviolet radiation and places where their answers can be found.

    The article You, me and UV – introduction has links to further resources and student activities.

    Q. What is UV?

    Q. What are the positive and negative effects of UV?

    Q. Can we put ultraviolet radiation to good use?

    Q. Why do we need to monitor UV?

    Q. Why are our UV levels in New Zealand higher than in many other countries?

    Q. What has ozone got to do with UV?

    Q. How does UV affect our bodies?

    Q. What is skin cancer?

    Q. What is the role of the lymphatic system in relation to skin cancer?

    Q. How does UV upset chromosome activity?

    Q. What is the UV index?

      Published 29 July 2008, Updated 15 October 2017 Referencing Hub articles
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