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  • The hole in the layer is a problem for all New Zealanders because it allows greater levels of potentially harmful UV rays to enter the atmosphere. These rays have been found to increase the risk of melanoma. This teacher resource assists teachers get across a number of important science and health messages to their students.

    The learning outcomes of this teacher resource are that students will:

    • have a greater understanding of the properties of UV light and the effects of UV radiation on the human body
    • improve their understanding of the importance of making sensible lifestyle choices in relation to UV radiation in the New Zealand context.

    Students will meet these learning outcomes by:

    • thinking about the practice of sunbathing and the implications of sunburn
    • examining the electromagnetic spectrum and the different wave types that make it up
    • looking at positive and negative points of UV radiation
    • understanding why New Zealand has higher UV levels and what we can do to lessen the negative impact of UV radiation
    • using UV beads to investigate UV intensity
    • investigating how sunscreen use can decrease the negative impact of over-exposure to the harmful rays of the sun
    • learning how to make an item to monitor their exposure to UV radiation
    • improving their understanding of the impact of melanoma by studying an available resource. This will also encourage discussion/ brainstorming of ideas on ways to reduce exposure to UV radiation and, therefore, reduce our risk of developing skin cancer.

    Download the unit plan below.

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