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  • Position: Founder, Field: Horticulture, Organisation: Zealong.

    My big love is now growing tea, and because it’s something I don’t understand, I’m learning from my heart to try to understand it.

    Key skills, attitudes and values for innovation

    Vincent thinks the following qualities are important for working in innovation:
    • Passion
    • Patience
    • Persistence
    • Good communication
    • Confidence.

    Background knowledge and experience

    Vincent’s love of tea, especially oolong tea, is connected with his Taiwanese background. In Taiwan, tea is an important part of the culture, and many people aspire to own a tea farm. When Vincent immigrated to New Zealand with his family and recognised that the camellia (a member of the tea plant family) grew well here, it was his cultural heritage and love of tea that inspired him to investigate whether he could cultivate tea in New Zealand.

    Vincent had no background in horticulture so he had to do a lot of research. He learnt a lot through trial and error and sought help from lots of different people in a range of areas.

    Vincent’s passion, patience and persistence were key personal qualities that kept him focused throughout the 13 years it took him to achieve his vision. His confidence to seek advice from others and his willingness to listen and learn from these people were also important factors in his success.

    This article is based on information current in 2013.

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