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Position: Professor, Department of Engineering, Field: Metallic materials, Organisation: The University of Waikato

Professor Deliang Zhang is a materials scientist and materials engineer based in the Department of Engineering, University of Waikato.

Deliang’s career path has taken him from graduating from high school in his hometown in China, to graduating with a BE degree in physical metallurgy from a university in China, to completing a PhD degree in metallurgy and materials science from a university in UK, to taking a few postdoctoral research/lecturing jobs in UK, USA and Australia, before coming the University of Waikato in 1996 to lecture in materials.

Deliang is the leader of a research team undertaking research on titanium alloy powder consolidation, powder metallurgy and powder coating. This research aims to develop new technologies and build a knowledge base that New Zealand industry can use to develop new businesses producing titanium alloy products using New Zealand-made titanium alloy powders.

Titanium is an expensive metal to produce commercially, and this current research effort has established an alternative and far cheaper way to make titanium alloy powders.

Like most research scientists, Deliang is passionate about his work:

Materials research is fascinating because it gives you opportunities to realise your dream of creating new materials and to satisfy your desire of gaining insight into the natural world that controls the behaviour of the materials human society uses everyday.

This article is based on information current in 2009.

    Published 22 October 2009