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    Collections tool upgrade

    We’ve listened to feedback from teachers and other users, and we’re delighted to announce the launch of our enhanced Collections tool. It has had a design refresh and we’ve added the ability to collaborate with other users on a collection, more options with the notes – including being to hide teacher only notes on a resource.

    Our helpful Creating collections article has been updated and we have a new video showing you how to make the best of the tool. This has also been added to our How the Hub can help article.

    New interactives and activities

    It’s been out with the old and in with the new as we’ve recreated interactives that once required Flash. We’ve refreshed and updated the information and even made new resources to support teaching and learning.


    Which microscope? – the Which microscope is best? activity has been updated and there is a new interactive image map.

    Our new Labelling the eye activity uses an interactive or paper-based resource to identify and label the main parts of the human eye.

    Upcoming PLD

    Join us in these free online PLD webinars:

    Vision 20/20 – 25 March 2021

    Learn how to include child-to-child vision testing as part of your science, health or technology programme. See our event listing for more information or register here.

    UPDATE: See the recording and supporting materials here: Vision 20/20.

    Exploring science in the early years – 29 April 2021

    Be inspired to reflect on your current science programmes and get support to grow quality science experiences in your centre. See our event listing for more information or register here.

    If you can’t make the date, still register as then you get an email when the recording – along with the supporting article and slideshow – is published in our PLD section.

    UPDATE: See the recording and supporting materials here: Exploring science in the early years.

    Want to know more about us

    Read this New Zealand Association for Research in Education article by one of our writers – Angela Schipper on Supporting effective science pedagogy.

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