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  • This animation explores water as a solid, liquid and gas. The water molecules stay the same, but they behave differently as they change from one form to another.

    Water: solid, liquid and gasA video about ice. A video about liquid water.A video about water vapour.



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    Ice (solid)


    Ice is water in its solid form.

    Ice keeps its shape, even if it’s removed from the container.

    The molecules in ice are locked into place and cannot move or slide past one another, but they do vibrate a little bit.

    Water (liquid)


    A liquid takes on the shape of its container. Watch how water takes on a different shape in a different container.

    If you pour water out of a container, it will go everywhere! Because it isn’t in a container, the water takes on the shape of the table top, making a puddle.

    Water molecules are still close together, but they can move or slide past one another.

    Water vapour (gas)


    A gas will fill a container, but if the container is not sealed, the gas will escape.

    Water vapour molecules are spread out and can quickly move past one another.

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