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    Published 3 December 2013 Referencing Hub media

    Albert McGhee, General Manager, Revolution Fibres, discusses invention and innovation and the relationship between them.

    A challenge for students

    Look at how different people in different Innovation stories define innovation. Compare these with various definitions available online and identify common elements. Discuss and compile an agreed definition in groups or as a class.

    UPDATE: In May 2021, Revolution Fibres rebranded to NanoLayr.


    Albert McGhee

    Innovation is not the same as invention. Invention is looking into the details of something and creating something fundamentally different to what’s been there previously, and innovation is really tapping onto that the commercialisation component, or we could just say getting it out there, getting it to happen, getting it used, getting it into people’s hands and into people’s lives. We see innovation as fundamentally different from invention, but they are very close cousins, and they almost flow from one to the other.

    Revolution Fibres: Albert McGhee

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