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    Published 27 June 2014 Referencing Hub media

    Angus Brown of The FOODBOWL explains the concept of an innovation ecosystem, how The FOODBOWL and the New Zealand Food Innovation Network represent this idea and the advantages for the New Zealand food and beverage sector.

    Follow-up activities

    • An innovation ecosystem has many components (just like an ecological ecosystem). Identify and list all the components of the innovation ecosystem discussed in this video.
    • Read the Innovation ecosystem article, refer back to your list of ecosystem components and group them into three types: physical, human and environment.
    • Explain the importance of each group of resources for helping companies to innovate. Discuss the interdependence of the three groups of resources and describe the impact that removing one of these groups would have on a food or beverage company.


    Angus Brown
    An innovation ecosystem would be the connection and integration and communication of a wide number of companies and entities in a particular industry working together, collaborating and making new products through synergies and new ideas.

    The New Zealand Food Innovation Network and The FOODBOWL provides an innovation ecosystem for companies. So when they engage with us, they’re not only engaging with one particular person, they’re engaging into a whole ecosystem of companies and science outlets and equipment suppliers and ingredient suppliers to further development of their new food and beverage projects.

    The impact it’s had on the food and beverage sector is that we are now connecting everyone up and working more together within the whole ecosphere of the food and beverage industry. We’re able to fast-track new food and beverage project developments, and the turnaround speed from an idea to an actual food concept and selling in the market has been a lot faster.

    Angus Brown, The FOODBOWL

    Chris Cullen, Culley’s
    Bhavik Waghela, Brian Astridge and Kris Tong, The FOODBOWL
    Riddet Institute
    Plant & Food Research

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