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    Published 15 December 2010 Referencing Hub media

    This is a simple explanation of Web 2.0 that refers to the way the internet is being used.

    This one minute animated video from TVNZ aims to demystifies commonly used, but little understood scientific and technological jargon.


    What is Web 2.0?

    The term "Web 2.0" refers to applications that give users of the World Wide Web a more personalised internet experience – and more opportunity to interact, online.

    Web 2.0 is often used to describe the rise of social-networking sites, video-sharing, blogs and sites like Wikipedia - where users actively contribute content.

    Web 2.0 sites use data they gather to give their users a better online experience – by learning what they want.

    For instance, a website may recommend you something based on purchases made by other people who bought the things you're looking at.

    Although Web 2.0 suggests a new version of the World Wide Web, it doesn’t refer to any specific technical update - but rather overall changes in the way we use the internet.

    And that’s Web 2.0.