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    Published 15 December 2010 Referencing Hub media

    This is a simple explanation of what cloud computing is and how it is used by individuals and businesses.

    This one minute animated video from TVNZ aims to demystifies commonly used, but little understood scientific and technological jargon.


    What is cloud computing?

    A broad term that covers new ways to access computer services or programmes via someone else’s infrastructure.

    Instead of an organisation building its own Information Technology infrastructure to hold databases, software or even operating systems, a third party hosts them in large server farms. The company accesses its software over the internet – which is often shown in diagrams as a cloud.

    Lots of us use cloud computing already when we share music or go on Facebook. But applications for business are growing – cloud computing can be cheaper and more flexible than investing in your own IT infrastructure. Information Technology becomes a utility, like electricity - you only pay for what you use.

    Some raise concerns about security – but the main providers of cloud computing say they have more ways in place to safeguard their clients’ data and privacy than a single company could afford.

    And that’s cloud computing.