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    Published 29 July 2008 Referencing Hub media

    Sanjay Kumarasingham (Watercare Services Ltd) talks about why he enjoys being a Senior Process Engineer at the Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant in Auckland.


    The current role I hold with Watercare is as a Senior Process Engineer. That role involves monitoring the harbour, monitoring the plant, as well as some research into how best to optimise the plant, to deliver the consent requirements. How did I end up in this job? I liked the environment, liked the fact that there was a lot of avenues to address pollution. And when it comes to trying to address pollution, and issues to do with pollution, you always needed science. So that is where it helps to know a little bit about, “How does water get polluted?” Using science you can quantify things. You could go and say, “At what level is it going to get polluted? What am I going to do to stop it from getting to that?” So, basically, it was an interest in the environment that drove me to get the skills and the knowledge from science. And this job actually helps me to apply that and to make a difference. What do I enjoy about this job? I love to see things change, so with this process, you are able to see something coming in which looks really dirty, and you are able to see how well I am doing by looking at what's going out. So that is like an immediate feedback for me. Yeah, it keeps me going.