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    Published 12 June 2017 Referencing Hub media

    Andrew Swales and Weno Iti from NIWA take a core sample in an estuary in Kawhia.

    Sediment cores can show changes in estuarine ecology over hundreds of years, giving scientists an idea of the conditions before human impact.


    Scientist Andrew Swales and Māori Development Officer Weno Iti are taking a core sediment sample from the estuary at Kāwhia.

    Andrew places the plastic pipe on its end on the sediment he wants to take his sample from. He then uses a block of wood and a hammer to force the pipe down into the sediment. Andrew clears sediment from the end so that he can cap the pipe.

    The pipe is dug out of the sediment, and the other end of the pipe is capped. Weno cleans the pipe ready for transport. Andrew fills in the hole that he made digging out the pipe.

    Andrew Swales and Weno Iti, NIWA