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    Published 21 June 2007 Referencing Hub media

    Dr Katja Riedel of NIWA tells why she came to New Zealand to do atmospheric research in Antarctica.


    I came to New Zealand nearly 6 years ago, and one of the main reasons is actually I always wanted to go to New Zealand either for a very long holiday, or for work. And the holiday I never had enough time or money. So and then suddenly I got this job offer, I saw a job offer at a conference, and that made me come to New Zealand and after arriving here I tried to find my niche in this research business and I had done Antarctic research before, and I just wanted to keep in this field, so rather than pushing more and more into greenhouse gas research nowadays, I tried to get my, -wriggle my way into the ice core Antarctic research because it’s just what I love to do.

    Going down to Antarctica and being there and seeing the scenery and experiencing really Antarctica, that was what I always wanted to do, and in New Zealand you can do this.

    Cath Samson