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    Published 10 December 2008, Updated 4 April 2017 Referencing Hub media

    The possum bait station is designed with three cavities for the cyanide pills. How did they arrive at this design?


    Richard Williams (Potatopak)

    We made a possum bait station, and the customer said, “Oh, we need this information on the bait station”. So we made the shape for them, which was their design, so it had the skull and crossbones and poison on it and could staple to a tree, and halfway through, the CEO changed his mind. We discarded the first mould so we had to make a second mould with 24 cavities.

    And there were a lot of plus factors in changing a design because the first one was a bit impractical. You didn’t need such a large tag to staple to the tree, and also the first design had only two little cavities for the cyanide tablet, the second design had three cavities. So, effectively, you were getting a higher kill rate. And so, at the end of the day, they could charge more for the bait station because you had three cyanide pills in it, and you had blocks of six and so it was much more compact.

    Connovation Ltd