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  • Rights: Tahuna Normal Intermediate School
    Published 13 October 2021 Referencing Hub media

    Vision 20/20 is a collaborative project involving occupational therapists at the University of Adelaide and Otago Polytechnic, product designers from Otago Polytechnic, optometrists from Otago University’s School of Medicine and staff and pupils at Tahuna Normal Intermediate School in Dunedin.

    This video was produced by students at Tahuna Normal intermediate school to show others how to carry out peer-to-peer vision testing. The students were part of the team that trialled and refined the process as part of the Participatory Science Platform (PSP) Vision 20/20 Project.

    Additional supporting resources have been developed to bring the peer-to-peer vision testing into an in-depth teaching and learning program.



    Today we will show you how to use your vision screening booklet.

    The equipment you'll need is a measuring device, masking tape, scissors, your vision screening booklet and scoring sheet.

    The booklet has easy to follow step by step instructions.

    Mark out your first line with masking tape, ensure your line is straight and even.

    Carefully and accurately mark out your four metre distance using your measuring device.

    Mark your line four metre parallel to the first line.

    Now that you’re set up, you’re ready to begin testing in your teams.

    One student will hold the booklet while the second student records the results of the test. When being tested make sure you point in the direction you think the E is facing.

    If you are recording answers and miss one, you may stop the test and ask the testee to repeat the line.

    Recorders need to concentrate and be accurate while marking results.

    When administering the test make sure to hold the book steady and at eye level.

    Good luck and happy testing from our team at Tahuna.

    Tahuna Normal Intermediate School students:
    Archie Vorgers
    Olivia McBride
    Brooke Reddington
    Zaakirah Hassen
    Brook Ford-Squires
    Tawhiri Albert-Renata
    Imogen Page-Danso
    Albie Reed

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