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    Published 30 October 2017 Referencing Hub media

    This animated video from Flight Plastics follows Barry, a water bottle, as he journeys from the recycling bin to a new life as a recycled food container.



    Barry the water bottle landed in a recycling bin.

    “Hello?” Barry cried out. “Is anyone out there?”

    As he got used to the gloominess, Barry saw a small group of bottles.

    “You’re just like us”, whispered one. “A human used you then threw you away.”

    Just then, the sound of machinery gave the bottles a fright. The recycling bin they were in was upturned onto the back of a truck.

    Suddenly, the truck stopped, and the bottles were flung into the bright light. As he flew through the air, Barry caught a glimpse of a sign. “Flight Plastics Recycling Plant. Does that mean that this isn’t the end?”

    A few months later, Barry found himself sitting in another fridge, but this time, things were different. His neighbours weren’t water bottles. They were punnets of fruit, just like him.

    He thought back to his recycling adventure with Flight Plastics, when he’d been picked up off the side of the road and taken to the new Flight Plastics facility that washes and recycles PET plastic into flakes, which are then turned into food packaging – the only one of its kind in New Zealand. He’d been on many adventures in his former life as a water bottle, and thanks to Flight Plastics, it was almost time for another.

    “Thank you, Flight Plastics!”


    Video courtesy of Flight Plastics. © Flight Plastics.

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