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  • Rights: Royal Society Te Apārangi
    Published 9 October 2017 Referencing Hub media

    This Royal Society Te Apārangi video provides advice on how we can help keep antibiotics effective for as long as possible.



    We can help slow the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria with good personal hygiene such as regular hand washing using normal soap and avoiding antibacterial products.

    Another way is to follow good food-handling practices such as separating raw meats from other food and storing food at safe temperatures.

    Make sure you stay up to date with vaccinations.

    Doctors and veterinarians prescribe antibiotics to treat bacterial infections. Use antibiotics wisely and only as prescribed. Antibiotics do not treat colds or flus, so don’t demand them from your doctor.

    We must handle antibiotics with care so they remain effective for as long as possible.

    This video was produced by the Royal Society Te Apārangi. For more information about antimicrobial resistance and the evidence that underpins this video, visit their Expert Advice webpage.

    Rights: Royal Society Te Apārangi

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