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    Published 28 April 2010 Referencing Hub media


    Transfection is the name for the introduction of DNA into a cell. And that can be done either by using an actual stimulus that interferes with the membrane and allows for a short time for the DNA to enter a cell or just by chemical reactions reagents that again interfere with a membrane that surrounds the cell and then allows temporarily for a DNA molecule to enter.

    We use a delivery package to deliver the DNA to the cells.

    So here I have some cells growing in the dish, and one of the methods that we use which is using liposomes, and what liposomes do, is they help package the DNA so that it can be presented to the cells, and that it can easily enter the cell membrane. So what I have here is just some DNA and some liposomes and I'll mix them together and then drop them onto the plate.

    In our case to transform bovine cells with a transgene, we have bovine cells growing in culture, and we choose to work with the female line so that at the end we end up with female calves.

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