Rights: The University of Waikato Published 21 July 2007 Download

Dr Eli Van Houten from the University of Canterbury talks about how students can get into the field of biomedical engineering.

If you are interested in a career in biomedical engineering, it’s important to study science at school.


If you are a young student who is interested in studying biomedical engineering or interested in the concepts of biomedical engineering I would say the first thing to do is study science. Engineering is basically an extension of scientific knowledge into actual practice. The great thing about engineering is that you get to actually do things with it, you actually build things, or generate things, but the fundamentals are all scientific principles so engineering is taking basic scientific principles and applying them and building things with them. So the first thing to do is study science, and then when you get to university well you can study engineering directly. You can now study biomedical engineering directly.