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    Published 29 July 2008 Referencing Hub media

    Dr Greg Bodeker, Research Scientist at NIWA, explains how he came to be at Lauder in Central Otago.

    [Note In 2010 Greg left NIWA and set up his own atmospheric research company, Bodeker Scientific.]


    The official reason why I'm here is that Lauder is an excellent research site. The work that we are doing here, even though very few people know where Lauder is, it’s internationally recognised research. And it attracts people from all over the world. Many people come to visit us here because they know of the work that we are doing, and we have enormous respect in the international community. So when I finished my PhD, I knew about Lauder, and I had applied for a number of places – three places in the USA and one place here – to come and do my post-doctoral research. And when I was accepted here, I decided to come. The other reason was that, at the time, my girlfriend was working here, and I was very keen to come and work here for that reason. She is now my wife, and we are still happily working here.