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    Published 21 June 2007 Referencing Hub media

    It can be of great benefit to students who are new to research, if they can ask scientists with many years of experience. Experienced scientists have a vast knowledge background and they can give good advice, often helping to problem solve in ways a new researcher would never have thought of.

    Points of interest for teachers:

    • Students can think about how scientists try and solve problems and that scientists rarely work in isolation.


    I am only just starting out in my research so I’ve got only a very basic skill set and a very sort of, relatively speaking, basic knowledge. So the collaboration with my supervisor Megan and with other people in the department and also other people from Landcare Research and from the USCA that brings the wide knowledge base in so that they might have a better idea of why something’s happening or how to go about approaching a problem that I wouldn’t, probably wouldn’t think of at this stage because they’ve just had that more – the more experience in Antarctica and, and those sort of conditions. So they’ve, it’s just their experience that is helping me by collaborating with them and hopefully building up my experience base as well