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    Published 21 June 2007 Referencing Hub media

    Leah Adlam completed her Bachelors of Science doing Earth and Ocean Science before moving on to her Master of Science. Her focus is on weather and climate. She will be looking at the data from the climate stations positioned in the Ross sea region.

    Points of interest for teachers:

    Students may want to discuss what sort of data Leah is looking at for her work?


    I did my Bachelor of Science doing Earth and Ocean sciences here and I kept it pretty broad. I did some of the soil sciences, the oceanography, the hydrology courses. The Master of Science is also in Earth and Ocean Sciences, but my focus is primarily on the weather and climate and meteorological side of things. So I’ll be looking at the soil climate stations that have been established in the Ross Sea region, in Antarctic. So there are seven of those and they’ve got about eight years worth of data. So I’ll be looking at that data to see if we can find any trends between parameters like solar radiation and soil temperature and soil moisture - that sort of thing and seeing if there’s any variation over time, if there is any variation over altitude and variation over latitude.

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