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    Published 10 May 2012 Referencing Hub media


    Miel Meyer - Meyer Gouda Cheese

    All the tools we work with get cleaned and sterilised before and after the day’s end. So right from the beginning of the day, the equipment is put through just an 80 degree hot water wash. So we’re just rinsing all the equipment with really hot water, so if there was anything on there from the previous day then it was going to be sterilised. We wash and rinse the moulds once they’ve come out of their bins, so there’s a solution in there which make’s sure they’re sterile. We rinse those so that the chemicals are gone and we can use them with the food product.

    The hot wash is really important, so after making the cheese, all the equipment’s put into the vat, it’s filled up with really, really hot water and all washed down with stainless steel detergent, which is all specifically designed for the stainless steel equipment as well. So those are all key steps in making sure that the environment we work in is all sterile and clean.