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    Published 10 May 2012 Referencing Hub media


    Miel Meyer - Meyer Gouda Cheese

    Possible food safety hazards would include the contamination of milk. At the start of the day, it’s held at 29 degrees, which is perfect for bacteria to grow, so that’s probably the biggest hazard. To overcome that hazard, we’ve got pasteurisation, so that’ll reduce the risk by taking out a lot of the bacteria that could be present in the milk to begin with.

    Other hazards would be contamination via introducing them through the herbs or the starter bacteria or the rennet. We make sure we buy those products from reputable companies which have the processes in place to reduce those risks as well. And other things include sterilisation of the cumin seed – there’s a hand-held thermometer making sure it’s reached the 90 degrees to make sure it’s sterile.