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    Published 10 May 2012 Referencing Hub media


    Miel Meyer, Meyer Gouda Cheese

    With the farm being both a Fonterra supplier as well as supplying milk for ourselves, we get a third-party test through Fonterra, so Fonterra regularly test the milk for the milk solids component, how much water and that sort of thing. We also have our own tests for the milk which is pH, which is quite crucial, as well as the cleanliness test, which is basically running milk through a filter to see how clean it is. And again, having the local supplier means if there is a problem, we can talk to the farmer about it, get those problems sorted out really quickly.

    Each day’s milk is different to the next, so as soon as the milk starts pouring into the vat, we can say a) does it look good, is it clean, is it fatty? So if it’s fatty, all of a sudden I know straight away I’m going to have to mix for longer, it’s going to be harder to draw the moisture out. It’s one quality control check.