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    Published 27 November 2007 Referencing Hub media

    Auckland University's Dr Love suggests that recognition of science as a good investment will mean improved career opportunities for geneticists in New Zealand. Get his advice on your education and career options.


    Stratford High School: For a young person interested in biology, or more specifically genetics, what are career prospects like in New Zealand?

    Dr Love (Auckland University) I think all I can say is: improving. I think there is a strong, increasing investment by Government in recognising the benefits of science and technology. I think you are looking at a ground swell of support and recognition that science is good investment policy.

    I counsel students and I think you should undertake firm grounding in New Zealand. It’s a wonderful place to gain that education. And then you leave. You leave for a while, experience the wonders of overseas, and hopefully return because you see that you’re returning to a country with investment, with great science, with great infrastructure. And we are actually playing a full role in international science.