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    Published 27 November 2007 Referencing Hub media

    There are several potential sources of funding for medical research programmes in New Zealand, but it's highly competitive. So where does Dr Love, investigating muscular dystrophy, get his funding from?


    Stratford High School Who funds all your research?

    Dr Love (Auckland University) In terms of funding bodies, there are very few in New Zealand. You can look at the Marsden Fund, which funds fundamental research; The Health Research Council, which funds the public health research; Lottery, that will fund some biomedical research; and then other small funding bodies, like the Auckland Medical Research Foundation and bodies in the University, the Research Committee.

    In terms of where do I get my money? Let me think. The University of Auckland Research Committee, and that’s about it. And so how do I sell my research? Not very well. But never mind, I quite like it, I don’t go into this research for the money. It’s a passion thing. You go into it because you really want to do it.