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    Published 1 May 2006 Referencing Hub media

    It is important to find out what else is being done around the world so that you can learn from others' research, and in some cases work together to solve common problems. Professor Lynn Ferguson from the Nutrigenomics Project in New Zealand tells us more.


    Professor Lynn (Ferguson Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, The University of Auckland)

    There are a lot of groups working on this internationally. There is a large European consortium called NUGO which is 22 different groups. There are American Centre of Research Excellence that have been set up. We are all looking at the same issues - the whole question of how we bring bioethics into it, how we keep up to date with the genomics, what package do we use for the bioinformatics, how do we put this whole thing together … They are problems that are common to all of us, and incredibly expensive if you try going it alone. So I think there is a lot of justification for pooling resources.