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    Published 1 May 2006 Referencing Hub media

    Lynn Ferguson from Auckland University describes some of the symptoms of Crohn's disease.


    Thames High School What happens to people with Crohn’s Disease

    Lynn Ferguson (Nutrigenomics New Zealand)

    It varies enormously amongst different people. It may be a bit of intestinal discomfort - often diarrhoea seems to do that. But over the course of a lifetime the disease can get worse, the colon can be very badly ulcerated. Also in the long term there are other conditions that may develop, so it’s not a very pleasant thing to have.

    Increasingly we are recognising that some of the secondary applications of it are probably malnutrition - they are just not getting enough absorbed of certain nutrients, so they need more of very common nutrients. So they probably need to supplement their diet rather more than the rest of the population.