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    Published 27 November 2007 Referencing Hub media

    Dr Vicky Webb from NIWA discusses what biotechnology is with students from Cobden School.


    David Copeland: What does biotechnology actually mean?

    Dr Vicky Webb (NIWA): Biotechnology is using naturally occurring enzymes and other things, animals and plants that are around us. That we can use or modify to make something better for us to use.

    David Copeland: Can anybody think of anything else which is a natural product that perhaps we have improved on using natural things? Can anyone think of anything? I'll give you a clue, you might put it on your weetbix in the morning?

    Cobden School: Milk?

    David Copeland: Milk is right.

    Dr Vicky Webb (NIWA): Fonterra who do lots of the bottling of milk have a lot of people involved in what they call biotechnology because now you don't just buy milk, you buy Calci Trim, so they have added that value to it.