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    Published 27 November 2007 Referencing Hub media

    Karen Farley shares some of her inspirations for working in the natural skincare industry.


    Blue Mountain College I was wondering if anything inspired you to make cosmetics?

    Karen Farley: Age probably is something to do with it. But also I’m particularly interested in health, and also how we appear and remaining youthful and looking at living a long, healthy life. I think beauty is a big, big part of that.

    And actually another part of my skincare which I haven’t talked about … I don’t know if any of you’ve worked with flower essences, l ike Bach Flower Essences? Any of you ever use Rescue Remedy? I can see one person nodding in the background there.

    They’re sort of a very gentle form of therapy and they usually work on your emotions. Usually you take them if you’re in shock, like the Rescue Remedy if you’ve had a nasty shock and you want to sort of feel a bit more in balance or whatever. I’ve actually included a range of flower essences which work on cleansing and self-worth.

    For me, a whole part of this being youthful, being healthy, is the mind - how you think, being positive, and also having a positive outlook on life. And flower essences are a big part of that.

    So for me I think the skincare is about bringing together a whole holistic way of approaching your life and maintaining your youthfulness and beauty. So the product itself is just one aspect of what I’m really interested in, and what I see Karen Farley will be doing down the track too.