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    Published 27 November 2007 Referencing Hub media

    What new products might we see carrying the Karen Farley brand?


    Wellington High School Have you ever considered making products for men?

    Karen Farley: Yes, that’s something that we’d like to do. But actually, interestingly enough, it’s amazing how many men actually use these products. My partner particularly likes using the Facial Repair.

    But yeah, it was interesting… and actually when we were doing the samples, it was quite interesting how many husbands started using the different products too.

    I think men are becoming increasingly interested in things like skin care, so we’d certainly look at doing specific things because the skins [of men and women] are different.

    Wellington College Are you just going to stick to skincare, or are you going to try make-up as well, and all that kind of stuff?

    Karen Farley: Yeah, we’d like to do make-up down the track. Again, that’s a little bit more complicated because it’s pretty hard - with all the lovely colours we like to wear on our face - it’s pretty hard to get those in the natural environment.

    You know, you’re looking at much more subtle natural tones for those things. But yeah, gradually we’d like to do that. I think one of the hardest things to do is mascara though. I know a couple of companies try and do it and it’s really difficult.

    Wellington High School Karen, I was just going to ask you, do your products contain a sunscreen?

    Karen Farley: No, these particular ones don’t, but we’ve had so many requests … again, it’s one of those - a bit like mascaras - they’re a bit hard to do without [synthetic] chemicals in them.

    We are working on a sun block and we had had lots of requests from people saying can we do sunscreen in our moisturiser.