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    Rights: The University of Waikato
    Published 27 November 2007 Referencing Hub media

    Natural skincare producer Karen Farley explains that not all products label as organic contain only organic ingredients.


    Wellington College Your products, are they organic

    Karen Farley: That’s the next stage. What I’d like to work towards is organic. I mean, the natural herbal extracts that we use - they’re native cultured; they’re picked from the natural environment here in New Zealand, so they are the best you can get in terms of organic. And the essential oils …

    Some companies do asterisk those ingredients and then put a big ‘Organic Product’ on, even though I think there’s only one company in the world that actually professes to be a hundred percent organic.

    Other companies, you’ll see they say ‘organic product’, but if you actually look carefully, you’ll see that there’s usually just one or two ingredients that they put an asterisk by and it’s only one or two extracts that are actually organic.

    It’s quite hard to source the basic ingredients as organic. But that is something I am wanting to work towards.