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    Rights: The University of Waikato
    Published 21 June 2007 Referencing Hub media

    Dr Justin Keogh from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) talks about his academic career history.


    I suppose as a young kid I was interested in sport, and in maths and science. So if I wasn't, running, kicking, throwing balls round in the back yard with mates I’d be reading text books, encyclopaedias about a whole range of scientific topics.

    Then in the school, it continued so I did things like maths, physics, chemistry those sorts of subjects as well as physical education. And then went in and did a sports science degree for my undergrad, did an honours degree, and then finally did a Phd.

    So the journey has taken a number of years but it’s got me to where I am today.The most important science for me is probably physics. My main area of teaching is biomechanics, which looks at the application of mechanical principles to the human and animal bodies, although we typically focus more on humans than animals.

    But at the same time for strength and conditioning which is another passion, your understanding of human biology, physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, psychology, motor control, learning principles, all of those things, even sociology to some extent, are important.