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    Published 16 November 2007 Referencing Hub media

    Working as a CEO for a biotechnology company requires a combination of science and commercial knowledge. Brett Hewlett describes his career and the importance of keeping focused on the most meaningful things.


    Brett Hewlett (Comvita)

    My early stage career I started in the Dairy Industry. I had a degree in food technology, but I quite quickly moved into project management and more general management in the dairy industry and in the food industry.

    I reached the point where I felt I wanted to break through the glass ceiling of being in an engineering and technology arena so I decided to take an MBA programme.

    I think bringing some commercial realities to the scientific and biotech world is incredibly important.

    So if possible, make sure that you get exposed to companies that are making things happen and are trying to keep a focus and narrow it down to meaningful things that are going to have the biggest impact for the organisation, for its shareholders, for our employees, and ultimately for our consumers.