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    Published 1 June 2007 Referencing Hub media

    What does sustainability mean? Why is it important for a company like Comvita to ensure that the environment is looked after? Here, Brett Hewlett and Scott Coulter from Comvita talk about the importance of sustainability for the environment and for business.


    Brett Hewlett (Comvita)

    Sustainability for Comvita is incredibly important because it’s core to what we do, and it’s reflected upon in the way we work: from the way we source our raw materials, all the way through to delivering end products to consumers around the world. The image we have around the world is of a clean and green environment.

    We are sourcing our products in this environment so obviously we care very, very much about ensuring that New Zealand maintains that clean and green image and, wherever possible, improves on it.

    Scott Coulter (Comvita)

    And the types of people who buy our products are also interested in sustainability, so we must make sure that our business from the ground up leaves things as we found it.

    Brett Hewlett (Comvita)

    It is also about economic sustainability as well. Of course, we want to have a successful organisation. We want to give a good return to our shareholders and to have a sustainable business that is going to go on employing people for many many years to come.